“Thank you for a wonderful presentation. With such a wide range of job responsibilities, it is often difficult to find a topic that appeals to all our staff. You did an excellent job of helping us all see the strengths of the various generations, as well as reminding us that generational differences are a place to begin.”

Jolene C. - Library Services

“My organization worked with Accent Learning and Consulting to raise the effectiveness of our staff’s public presentation effectiveness. We were extremely pleased by the practical and engaging session and continue to see its impact almost a year later. We will be using Accent again for our newest presenter group.”

Jaimes J. - Financial

“Accent took the time to understand not only the talent development and business needs that we had for our training but also our company culture. This enabled them to structure content and delivery that hit a home run for our people. An extremely savvy group.”

Nan P. - Insurance

“Sarah Gibson brings a wealth of knowledge, insight and expertise to her training courses. She uses her strong understanding of today’s business environment to help learners apply valuable skills to their everyday work challenges. We will bring her back as much as possible!”

Tracy B. - Insurance

“Sarah’s energy and enthusiasm for generational differences was amazing. Sarah was the best presenter we’ve had all year.”

Nancy K. - Higher Education

“Sarah’s energetic interpersonal style nicely complements her teaching skills and subject expertise.”

Darren B. - Healthcare

“Sarah Gibson delivered a professional, informative and engaging session about business writing skills. Many of the learners, comprising a mix of both clinical and administrative staff, have commented to me about the various ways they are using their updated writing skills. Those attending have spread the word about the training, resulting in requests to bring Sarah back to facilitate another session for staff who were unable to make the first one.”

Kathy T. - Health Services

“This woman is amazing! She trained our LEs in building rapport and relationships, e-mail etiquette and time management and did a remarkable job. She was clear, concise, entertaining, gave real life examples and emphasized important points for better retention. Just wanted to let you know we give her rave reviews! Thank you very, very much!!!”

Renee M. - Non-profit

“Sarah is among the most effective, energetic and skilled communications consultants and trainers that I know. I have referred her to several of my client organizations and have been a participant in several of her programs, ranging from a one-hour “Generational Differences” workshop to an all-day program on the DiSC and communication styles. Sarah is real pro and a pleasure to work with.”

Dan S. - Human Resources

Thank you again for the fantastically, mind blowing session! I really learned so much and have already referenced the book to draft a letter. Very useful stuff!”

Heather H. - Financial Industry

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah a few times now. After listening to her speak at CUNA Management School, I was so impressed that I hired her to come and teach business writing to my staff. She was terrific in both settings — very informative and personable. She knows her stuff! I would recommend her to anyone that could use some help with business communications (in other words, all of us)! Thank you, Sarah!”

Aaron G. - Financial

Thank you for schooling us in writing this afternoon. That was well done! The course was part ‘refresher’ and part ‘hey-you-people…get-out-of-your-leisure-suit’ writing updates.  You offered very helpful tips that I can put into play immediately.  Very much appreciated!

Gail - Transportation

A great experience and inspiring information from some very accomplished women. The breakout sessions were informative and useful. I especially liked the “Bridging the Generational Divide” presentation by Alex Draginis – different and important way of looking at the workplace.

Recent Conference Attendee

Phenomenal presenter. Alex was engaging, energetic, informative and personable. Awesome!!

Recent Conference Attendee

I have been working with Sarah Gibson and Accent Learning & Consulting for the past 4 years on a customized training program for our professionals to become better speakers. Our SVA Speaker Source initiative has been the catalyst for graduating 32 of our professionals with higher level speaking and presentation skills based on the series of training sessions Sarah and her team have provided. Beyond the workshop setting,  Sarah’s team has also provided one-on-one coaching, videotaping of presentations with provided feedback and a multitude of best practices and easily digested tips and tricks of the trade!


Sarah is highly professional, conscientious, accountable for results and most importantly an extension of our company in this regard vs a training vendor. She takes an incredible interest in the needs of our organization to present our expertise in the best possible light in the marketplace, as well as her insatiable quest to make sure she and her team are delivering results. It truly has been a pleasure to work Sarah and her team in past, in the present and into the future.

Annie S. – Professional Services