We’ve had a lot of fancy descriptions and bios written about us, but what you really need to know and want to know, is why we do what we do.



We love teaching people how to be better at business skills that will impact their job effectiveness. While most of our team has lived and taught in the academic world and appreciate the knowledge and research used to help us become better subject experts, we love watching private and public sector participants see how the knowledge piece applies and is used in their everyday jobs.



At Accent Learning & Consulting, we focus on learning behaviors that make a difference in how you communicate and connect. We have a passion for adult learning styles (i.e. we are interactive and focused on your stories and experiences) and we work very hard to make each component of what we teach useable when you return to your job or worksite.


While we’ve done some pretty amazing things, like authoring books, creating job aids that are used across North America, and speaking at national conferences, we’d really like you to know that we love what we do—and we look forward to working with your organization to meet your development needs so your business and professional life thrives. We invite you to come learn with us!